1. Why do you like building at Brasada Ranch?

The people that make up CNC Homes have built homes in most of the high-end communities here in Central Oregon. Building in Brasada Ranch has proved a great experience! The real estate sales team, the Design Review Committee, overall staff at the facilities, and the whole community seem to always be on the same page. This paints a clear picture of what is expected and allows us the guidelines needed to create our clients vision.

  1. What makes it a unique experience?

The team at Brasada Ranch has done a great job of helping everyone to understand the long-term vision of the community and club. So many questions arise while building a custom home, but so many of them are answered just by understanding the community and the long-term goals. Everyone at Brasada Ranch provides great communication and understanding of the building process. From our past experience this is truly unique!

  1. How do you like interacting with your customers?

Interaction with clients is key to CNC Homes. Communication makes or breaks the experience our clients will have during the building process, and long after they have moved in. We use video conferencing, online building software, email, text, and most certainly our entire team is available by phone.

  1. Briefly describe your process with customers as you create their custom home.

The processes and procedures at CNC Homes are critical from day one! We feel our job is not to just build a home, but to extract our client’s vision and bring that into the overall design components and balance the client’s vision with the budget for the home. With our tried and tested process and procedures platform, it is achievable, and our clients are testament to that process.

  1. How do you differentiate yourselves from other builders?

We are the first to tell clients that there are many good builders in this area. That means, regardless of the Preferred Builder they select, their home will be built very well. But, will they enjoy the experience? Will they know they are within their budget as the home moves along? Will they understand the pros and cons with various decisions made along the way? Will they sit in their brand-new home and say, “We love our home, and our builder was great!” The last part of that statement is what drives CNC Homes to translate a client’s vision into a completed home along with a seamless process from conception to the final completed product, the clients dream home at Brasada Ranch.