Club Membership

The Club at Brasada Ranch (the “Club”) is a unique country club community known as Brasada Ranch at Powell Butte (“Brasada Ranch”) near Bend, Oregon, that offers outstanding equestrian, golf, fitness, tennis, swimming and social facilities to its members.

Two primary categories of membership are offered in the Club: Athletic Membership and Golf Membership. The privileges associated with each category are more fully described in the Membership Plan. In addition, the Club offers an Equestrian Membership available only to Golf and Athletic Members of the Club. The Equestrian Membership is offered pursuant to and is governed by The Club at Brasada Ranch Equestrian Membership Plan and Equestrian Rules and Regulations, as well as an Equestrian Membership Agreement between the Club and each Equestrian Member (the “Equestrian Membership Documents”).

In order to ensure a stable source of revenue for the Club and further the long term success of the Club, which will positively impact property values, each owner of a residence or homesite in Brasada Ranch is required to acquire and maintain at least an Athletic Membership in the Club pursuant to covenants recorded against the Property providing for mandatory membership. Public membership is not offered.